Learning Credits

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Trade Caddie offers specialized one-on-one training with qualified Instructors. The TradeCaddie Learning Credits can be purchased on an hourly basis.

The coaches of the instructor lead courses cover topics requested by TradeCaddie students who have purchased TCLC's. Each TCLC can be used for a 1 hour specialize course taught by a qualified coach on the subject requested by the student.

Although Spread Trading is relatively new within the last 30 years, it has been gaining ground with investors as more people become educated in its use and application. Spread Trading has been thought of as the Holy Grail of the stock market. Many believe that it offers a miraculous form of stock market insurance.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to to learn for credited instructors by selecting from one of the following TCLC packages :

TradeCaddie Learning Credits
  • 1 Hour - $349.00.
  • 5 Hour Package - $1645.00 - SAVE $100 when you purchase a 5 pack.
  • 10 Hour Package - $3000.00 - SAVE $490 when you purchase a 10 pack.
  • 12 Hour Package - $3456.00 - SAVE $723 when you purchase a 12 pack.
  • 15 Hour Package- $4185.00 - SAVE $1050 when you purchase a 15 pack.
  • 20 Hour Package - $5180.00 - SAVE $1800 when you purchase a 20 pack.
  • 30 Hour Package - $7170.00 - SAVE $3300 when you purchase a 30 pack.

To purchase, click on the STORE tab above.

(Instructor Lead Courses are restricted to no more than 30 per class and are offered twice a week as needed.)

* Use Trade Caddie's TCLC (Trade Caddie Learning Credit) and receive a discounted package for your On-Demand Courses.

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